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Spending time with other men without distractions, devices, or deadlines is an important part of growing into a stronger, calmer, more confident man. There’s something therapeutic and tribal about eating together, sitting by a fire together, and sharing important life experiences together.

That said, there are few opportunities for men to spend quality time together these days. That’s why I organize men’s retreats in Austin Texas where men can talk openly and plainly with each other about important life issues.

Here’s What’s Included:



  • Dinner ( barbecue, potato salad, desert, beverages )


  • Breakfast ( breakfast tacos, fruit, and orange juice )
  • Lunch ( sandwiches, chips, fruit, and beverages )
  • Dinner ( beef & vegetable stew, fruit, bread & cheese, and beverages )


  • Breakfast ( breakfast tacos, fruit, and orange juice )


Sleeping accommodations are provided on a first come first served basis.


Specific details will be announced once the next retreat dates are determined. Each retreat offers a unique opportunity for men to walk and talk with each other shoulder to shoulder, sit with each other around fire, and relate to each other on each other’s life issues.


If you are interested in experiencing something truly life changing, add your name to my men’s retreat waiting list and I will email you when the next men’s retreat is planned.

Charles McKeever
Happy Man Coach

Sunset photo by Bella White from Pexels

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